Last Weekend

Ciao! I had a great, relaxing last weekend in Torino!

On Friday, I had my last architecture class, walked around downtown, and headed over to a pizzeria just below our apartment. We returned to our apartment and just stayed up talking on our apartment floor with my friends, good times!

Saturday, I headed over to the Open Market and the Chinese Market;they have sweet potatoes (the orange ones) there, the stores here don’t sell sweet potatoes. I walked around for a bit and headed back to my apartment. My roommate and friend wanted to go back towards downtown to do some shopping as their last weekend, so I went with them. Later that night, my friend Danielle made a really good ragu.

On Sunday, I got to sleep in and headed over to Eataly. I realized it would be my last sunday here and Sunday is the best day to go to Eataly as there are a ton of people walking around and it is very lively. I headed back to the apartment and cleaned for a bit. Sunday night we were planning on having christmas potluck as a way to make one last dinner before people start to leave. I made sweet potato casserole. There were a lot of different dishes: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, sushi, pasta, sangria, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie and bread.

Tonight is my last final. I had to do a bunch of writeups and sketches for my modern architecture class. Once I do my three minute presentation about all the places we visited I’ll be free! We are planning on going ice skating at the nearby arena where the ice skating event of the olympics were held.

I didn’t get many pictures this weekend, but it was still a fun one. The rest of this week is full of hanging out with friends before they leave, cleaning, packing, and running some last minute errands. I leave for Dublin on Saturday morning. Have a great week! I won’t be posting next week since I’ll be in Dublin, but maybe at the airport!



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