Last Italy Trip


I hope your weekend was a good one! I was pretty busy this weekend, both saturday and sunday I took a day trip. However, on Friday, I had my architecture walking tour for my class and met up with my two of my friends to have some lunch at this piemontese restaurant. I got linguini with vongole (clams). Afterwards, my friend and I walked around the city center and decided to head back towards Lingotto. Neither of us wanted to go home, so we saw Hotel Transylvania. It was in Italian, but I managed to understand what was going on and being said; only some vocab I didn’t know. We later met up again and went to this place that my friend, Danielle, had been to before. We got some desserts. I got affogato which is gelato with café. We went back home because we both had to get up early since we were heading to Aosta the following morning.

On Saturday I went to Aosta, which was a lot of fun. It’s a small town 2 hours away from Turin up in the mountains. I was there earlier in the semester, but the weather was rainy and foggy. I’m happy I went again because I could actually see the nearby mountains! It was a cold, but sunny day. We had lunch at a café and walked around, found a christmas market and headed back to Turin. From the train station, we went to a pizza restaurant I heard about on my Architecture trip from Friday. We both split a pizza and a 1/4 liter of wine. Our friend and her friend joined us later and I learned that Italians don’t really drink wine with pizza, they drink beer! Both Danielle and I were tired from the day trip and the cold, so we headed back getting gelato on the way.

Sunday was my last trip in Italy to Bologna with Ye Seul and Danielle! When we first got there, we had lunch. We were going to go to this osteria that is supposed to have good lasagna, but apparently they didn’t have it on Sunday. We decided to go to another restaurant and had lasagne alle bolognese there. It was good, but honestly, not much different from what we make at home during Christmas. Afterwards, we headed towards the University of Bologna. It was interesting to see the oldest university in Italy; I enjoyed the the piazza we saw better though. We walked around for a couple hours, stumbling upon another outdoor christmas market. It was tented, so a little warmer than outside. There was a bigger market by the train station and they had self-service cookies. They had a variety of cookies in a wooden box and you could use tong and put in a bag based on weight. I didn’t go too crazy and got about 5 different cookies. All are very good.

We also heard from an Italian that Bologna is known for the Piadina. The piadina is a quesadilla-like food. It has a large tortilla and you can choose what to put in it. There is only a few things that go into it, but it is delicious. I will miss piadinas when I head back home. After that, we headed back to the train station for a three hour trip back to Torino.

I can’t believe that that was my last trip in Italy and last train ride. This week I have two finals and next Monday I have an architecture project/paper presentation. I have many things planned still to do, such as aperitivo, cafes, ect before I leave. We are having a sunday christmas potluck and I am excited for that, as well as hanging out in Torino for one last weekend. Next Saturday, I’m heading to Dublin! It’s getting cold here, so I’m excited to get back to some warmth. My definition of warm now has dropped to the high 40’s. At least this will prepare me for possible future living locations in cold areas.

Have a great week!



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