Lake Como and Friend’s Birthday

Hi there!

This past week was a lot of fun. On Monday, USAC staff did a lights tour of all the different lights that are put up in Torino for Christmas. It was not Christmas themed, but more of an open-air art gallery throughout the city. A lot of the stores are decorated for Christmas though. After finally finishing a paper and presentation for culture, all of us wanted to get aperitivo. We went to a new place, it was good but the selection of food was minimal. On Friday I had class till 1 and then I went to downtown to get some gifts for people. Friday night, I went to aperitivo again for another friend’s birthday. This was a lot better, they gave you the food, but there was a lot of it and I was full afterwards. We walked around and we went to my friends apartment and hung out. A few of us wanted to catch the metro before it ended at 1215, so we left a little early while other people went out. I had to wake up early to catch the train to Lake Como the next morning. Lake Como was beautiful, but cold. George clooney has a house there and I can see why. I’m sure in the summer it is packed with tourists. There was a great small downtown area with stores and food places. We walked for an hour and decided to take a train type thing up the hill to see a view of the lake. Once we got up we kept walking and decided to go to the lighthouse at the top of the hill. There was a viewpoint there, but unfortunately it was a little foggy that day. After getting back down the hill, we went to a restaurant we saw earlier walking around. It was delicious and a cute little place tucked in on a side street with a christmas tree out front.

On Sunday, I slept in for the first time in awhile and I headed over to get my friend’s present at a local bakery downtown. I headed back and stopped at Eataly to get some wine as well for the dinner. It was my friend, Ye Seul’s birthday, so she made us a Korean feast. There were 6 different dishes and all were awesome. I told her on the way back from Lake Como that I would definitely come to Korea at some point. The rest of the night, we hung out in the apartment. We had to give Ye seul our table, as 11 total people came, so they didn’t have enough space.

Overall, a great weekend and only a few more left. I have a few projects/papers this week and finals start next. 


4 thoughts on “Lake Como and Friend’s Birthday

  1. After seeing Lake Como, there is just one thing to do – but quickly, before you go to visit those wild Irishmen: find un babbo rico, with a home near Clooney’s in Bellagio, so you can stay with him this summer and watch all the plain old ordinary tourists drive past ogleing you as you sun yourself on his balcony. With a Campari soda in hand, of course. (But have you tried Campari soda yet?? – wonderful stuff – or a Negroni, one-third-each gin, red vermouth, and Campari, shaken, not stirred, on ice).

    • I have been to an aperitivo and they gave me a reddish orange really sweet drink. I’ll have to try to order the campari to make sure I got the right drink. I’m going to aperitivo this Thursday, so hopefully the place I am going to will have it. A Negroni sounds good too. I’m excited for Dublin, but apparently one of my friends didn’t have her permit of stay with her to go back to Italy. They allowed her to go on the plane, but I think they had to explain the situation to the security. Italy, in its slow fashion, has not told me to pick up my permit of stay at the immigration office, so I wonder if I can just say that instead of waiting 3 hours to get a piece of paper? They haven’t told me its ready to be picked up anyways.

  2. The food looks so good! Should plan a trip just so we can try the food. Glad you’re having a good time. Love, Chuck and Ruth

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