Far Too Long

Hi there! Sorry I have not written in a long time, my computer stopped working and I had no way to get my pictures from Verona or Aosta, as well as blogging. I got a cheap laptop here, that I will use back at home next quarter.

Anyways, I went to Verona a few weeks ago. It was one of my favorite cities so far in Italy. I went with my friends Ye Seul and Danielle. It was a gorgeous sunny day on Saturday when we went an we walked around all of Verona. We bought a verona card so we could get into the many museums, the most preserved roman ampitheater, as well as Romeo and Juliet’s house. After walking around the main area, we went to a palace up on a hill that had beautiful views of the city and Verona. The next day was cloudy, but we wanted to relax since we walked so much saturday. I met someone from Dublin; she emailed me a lot of tips on what to see and we will probably meet up with her at a pub at some point while we are there.

The next weekend (after verona, two weekends ago), I went to this small alps town, called Aosta. It was very dreary weather so I couldn’t get a view of the alps, but it was fun nonetheless.

This past weekend I relaxed in Torino. I went to the Open Market on Saturday and Sunday had a lazy day of doing random errands/relaxing. On Friday night I went to this pub by downtown with a friend, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere there, very lively. On Saturday night, my friend Brynn’s Italian friend came over and made us some delicious pasta and appetizers. I was very full that night.

This week we have thursday and friday off for Thanksgiving,so I’m headed to Florence! I printed out a map and starred everywhere I want to go. There is supposed to be great gelato there and I found a place online that supposedly has really good, cheap sandwiches. I am seeing the real David as well. Before that though, USAC is holding a Thanksgiving dinner for us. There is going to be all the traditional dishes except Pumpkin Pie, we will have panetonne instead. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving dinner and Florence to come. I have a lot of homework to do tonight and after Florence because many projects are due at the same time. Time is still flying by!!

Below is a slideshow of a few of my pictures from verona and aosta, along with some random food pictures (we found a good chinese place here as well)



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