Salone Del Gusto and Sunday Adventures


This weekend was a great one, full of friends and exploring more of Torino. On Friday I had another walking tour for architecture and for 20th century art I went to this presidential exhibition for US. Later that night, I went to the Pub with a couple friends since they hadn’t been there before. It’s nice to chat with friends and hang out.

On Saturday, I went to the food festival, Salone Del Gusto, that I’ve been waiting for since Summer! It was held by the SLOW Food Organization. It was huge! Imagine a nearly Target size building filled with booths of food samples, drinks, chocolate; but there were three of rooms that size. Then, there was also an international building for non-italian countries. Each building had different areas of italy. Sicily, Piemonte, Lombardia, ect. My friend and I were very full from all the free samples so that was our dinner and lunch. It took us 5 hours to go through all of it. I also got to be a judge at a food cooking competition, but that’s because barely anyone was there. Later on Saturday, I got to meet my friend’s language partner and her boyfriend and his brother. They drove us to a pub that a lot of local people go to. It had about 20 different Mojito options and hot chocolate options. It was fun to talk to Italians and it was very crowded. Unfortunately it’s a little hard to get to by bus, but I’m happy I went.

Sunday, I woke up and went to the Café Al Bicerin with my friend, Danielle (who I also went to Salone del gusto with). It was crowded and it seemed like a great Sunday morning tradition for other Italians. It’s gotten a lot colder here and on Friday it was raining all day. However…that makes for snow in the alps! So, after Bicerin, we went across the Po River and to this Mountain Museum. The walk there was beautiful. The walk was on a path up to the hill that the museum was on and the  leaves were very colorful; full of orange, yellow and red. We got into the museum for free and at the top there was a viewing terrace. Although it was cloudy, we could still see the alps covered in snow. It was a perfect, cold, fall day. We walked back and got some roasted chestnuts from a street vendor. I’m heading out to eat at a restaurant near my  house that I have yet to go to, but it sounds delicious. Tomorrow I have cuisine again so that should be fun!

IMG_6872 dinner

IMG_6880 church on the architecture walk


IMG_6896 presidential exhibition

IMG_6897french toast saturday morning

IMG_6899 salone del gusto outside

IMG_6900 cooking competition

IMG_6905 inside of the festival

IMG_6912 mini cone with chocolate liquor


IMG_6914 100 euro balsamic vinegar

IMG_6918 chocolate and chocolate and chocolate

IMG_6923 biscotti

IMG_6924 italy’s hot chocolate (pretty much melted chocolate)

IMG_6925 huge chocolate chip panettone

IMG_6933 pastries


IMG_6938tomatoes from Sicily

IMG_6940 bees for honey



IMG_6949 fair trade chocolate

IMG_6952 mojito fair trade?!

IMG_6953 nougat type bar from Germany

IMG_6956 after

IMG_6959 bicerin on sunday afternoon..yumm! chocolate coffee and cream

IMG_6976 view of Po River..and mountain museum

IMG_6980 walking to the mountain museum in the park (cold, but beautiful)

IMG_6987 view of alps from the museum

IMG_7007mole, alps…love this city

IMG_7018 chocolate store

IMG_7021 cover band of beatles

IMG_7023 roasted chestnuts on the street.


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