Auto Museum


I had some time in between going to the auto museum and class, so I wanted to write another post for this week. Tuesday, my friends and I went over to another friend’s apartment and had dinner and played some games. Last night I had art class till 8:30 and then hung out with my neighbors. One of our friends wanted to go to the Pub down the street, so we joined her. I split a delicious nutella crepe with  my friend. We met some italians there and it was interesting to meet two italian guys who didn’t like soccer. In Italy there are types of guys called mammone who live with their parents till their 40’s or till their parent’s die. My roommate was talking to one of them, so that was interesting. One of the guys said that it was unacceptable be living with his parents at his age, but the other guy said it was fine and normal. An interesting conversation about the different ideas of ‘normal’ in Italy. The bartender at the pub knows our names as we go there a couple times a week. It is a fun place to hang out and talk if we don’t feel like being in the apartments.

Tonight, I have architecture and then a friend is making dinner and dessert. Tomorrow I’m going on a walking tour for architecture and then a visit to the President’s Museum (relating to american presidents since the election is this year) for art.

I can’t wait till the food festival Saturday! There’s about 5 events or tastings happening every hour. I will definitely be there all day! Have a great rest of the week and a fun weekend Smile 

IMG_6780 IMG_6781 my dinner and daily coffee from the vending machines at school. Very small cup. IMG_6784IMG_6785 korean dinnerIMG_6789 dinner with friends (some missing from picture)

IMG_6797IMG_6798IMG_6799IMG_6800IMG_6805IMG_6809IMG_6811IMG_6812IMG_6813American military jeep

IMG_6814IMG_6816IMG_6818IMG_6820IMG_6821IMG_6823IMG_6824IMG_6825IMG_6829IMG_6830 car graveyardIMG_6831IMG_6832IMG_6838IMG_6839IMG_6841IMG_6845IMG_6853IMG_6854IMG_6855IMG_6860IMG_6862IMG_6864IMG_6868IMG_6870 molding before paint


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