truffle fair, castle, sunday fun…


   This weekend was another fun weekend in Torino. Friday I had architecture class in the morning and afterwards I went to the Palazzo Madama for 20th century art. There was an exhibition of Robert Wilson’s art. Robert Wilson is an american artist and the pictures of johnny depp and brad pitt below are his work. They are moving pictures, like in Harry Potter. Friday night I went with a few friends to a sushi place with a conveyor belt that allowed us to choose whatever we wanted for 10 euros. My favorite was the Bao, which had a doughy, soft outside and had a cornbread sweeter inside. After sushi we walked to this area where a lot of locals go to at night. It’s a bit more calm than the Murazzi area (where people dance by the Po River). There were wine bars and more a place to hang out than go crazy like the murazzi. I definitely want to go back this coming weekend to check it out.

    On Saturday, USAC took us on a day trip to Alba for a wine and truffle festival. Alba is where Nutella is made. When we got off the bus I could smell Nutella and truffles (these truffles are expensive mushrooms not the chocolate). We got to the truffle fair area and I saw that some truffles were going for 500-600 euros for 500 grams. It is very expensive! I didn’t get any truffles but we got to sample food and wine from different vendors. We had lunch in the expo area and it was good, but I was expecting better. After walking around the truffle fair, my friends and I  had an hour or so to spend in the city of Alba so we walked around. I found the best pastry place I’ve seen so far in Italy. There were a lot of variety and my friends and I split something. I was tired from the day, so we went to a café and got some espresso. We got back to torino at 5 or so and I spent the day till about 8 relaxing. I watched Valentine’s Day with my neighbors and then went to the Irish Pub for a bit.

Sunday I was woken up by the sound of loud drums and I thought it was protestors outside. However, I remembered there was an autumn festival going on right outside my apartment building. I went with a friend and it was an open market with different clothes vendors, food ect that you find in many piazzas on the weekend in torino. Later, we went to the palazzo reale, the royal palace in torino. It’s been turned into a museum. I couldn’t take pictures inside, but there were many huge rooms with golden walls (painted gold, I don’t think it was all gold). My favorite part was the armory room where each side had a fake horse and a knight with armor riding it. There were also other armored knights along the side. I got some roasted chestnuts from a street vendor after that and it was delicious! I told my friends  about a street parallel to via roma (a main road to get back to the metro station) and we decided to walk along there for change of scenery. We stopped at a gelato place because it looked crowded and I was happy we did! One of the best gelatos I’ve had so far!

Today was my first day of Elementary Italian 2, but we pretty much reviewed everything we learned. I have a new teacher for it and I believe she majored in psychology, so I may talk to her about that after class one time over some coffee. She’s obsessed with coffee as well! Sadly, I don’t have italian cuisine tonight because my teacher went to spain, but next week I will! Tomorrow I’m heading to an area that my grandpa told me about for a little day trip since I don’t have classes on Tuesday.  I realized yesterday I have 9 more weeks left! Time flies and I feel as if it’s going to go faster with a few overnight trips coming up in november.

Have  a great monday! Buongiorno!

IMG_6681 tiramisu from cuisine class

IMG_6698IMG_6700palazzo madama

IMG_6702IMG_6708 view from museum

IMG_6716 sushi conveyor belt

IMG_6721 attempt at lighting lanterns on the murazzi

IMG_6724 castle we visited saturday


IMG_6736 IMG_6737truffle fair


IMG_6747 mushrooms

IMG_6748 lunch at the truffle fair

IMG_6751 walking around alba

IMG_6754 medieval festival happening after truffle fair (didn’t go to though)

IMG_6757 Alba street in autumn.

IMG_6767 palazzo reale (couldn’t take more pictures inside)

IMG_6771 palazzo reale

IMG_6772 walking around sunday afternoon

IMG_6774 sunday gelato…


One thought on “truffle fair, castle, sunday fun…

  1. Hi Lorin. Chuck and I enjoy reading your blog. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. The pictures are beautiful. Hope to hear all about it when you come home. We love and miss you!
    Chuck and Ruth

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