Busy week, relaxing weekend in the alps


I hope everyone’s weekend was fun! I just have to say that I can’t believe it’s already october 15th!

Anyways, last week was busy for me because I had tests/quizzes in all my classes. However, now I am done and only have my italian language final and readings to do this week. Also, on Friday I had another 3 hour walking tour for architecture, but that was really interesting because I got to see other areas of Turin I wouldn’t have otherwise gone to (such as seeing the Polytechnic school here).

Here’s a couple pictures from Italian Cuisine last week: we made pasta by hand!

IMG_6402IMG_6405 our teacher’s mom coming in and helping us make pasta by hand.

After the walking tour I went with my neighbors to the cinema museum and the Mole. The Mole is the symbol of Turin; it is a tower and the highest building in Turin. In fact, I learned on my tour that the bank Intesa Sao Paolo can’t build its skyscraper higher than the mole.

The cinema museum was huge and it had a ramp going up the interior of the mole, with pictures of costumes, sets, actors of different movies. A lot of the recent movies shown were from the United States. I’ve noticed here that a lot of american music is played in stores and the movie theatres have american movies playing rather than italian movies.

IMG_6444IMG_6445 café torino

IMG_6446IMG_6455 mole and we’re on tv!

IMG_6465 mask from lord of the rings

IMG_6471 the ramp that I walked up in the museum

IMG_6497 donald duck, mickey mouse, and goofey in Italy!

IMG_6503IMG_6526 view from mole (it was a cloudy day)


On Friday night I went to a pub by my apartment with my neighbors. Everyone was tired from walking around so no one wanted to go dancing downtown.

Saturday I went to Bardonecchia, a town an hour and 20 minutes away that hosted some of the 2006 olympic events. My friends and I went hiking in the Alps. We didn’t go too far, as we were still in the tree line, but it was beautiful and it was nice to escape from the city for a bit. After our hike we got a celebratory beer and returned to Turin. Saturday night we made dinner and relaxed.

 IMG_6644 main street of bardonecchia, alps in the background

IMG_6646IMG_6648olympicIMG_6650IMG_6655 bridge IMG_6661IMG_6667 trail in trees


Sunday I mostly relaxed and watched Sex and the City with my roommate for a bit. After a couple hours I went to a street fair where they had food and clothes. I got a focaccia and a couple baked goods to try out. The focaccia was very salty though.

Today I have my cuisine class again and I am making gnocchi for one of the dishes!


One thought on “Busy week, relaxing weekend in the alps

  1. The mountains around Bardonecchia are gorgeous, fall colors are creeping in–I will have to see the Alps before too long. It sounds like you are having a great time!

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