One Month!


It has officially been one month since I’ve been to Torino today. I can’t believe it’s october, I’m sure this month will go by fast too, as I have more plans in the coming weeks.

I hope your weekend was fun! I took a trip to the Italian Riviera with USAC. We left friday morning by bus and took a tour of Genova. It was pretty, but it reminded me of Venice beach. There were a lot of people trying to sell you stuff as you walked around.  After our tour, we did a panoramic lift on the boardwalk to have a higher view of the city. At around 1230 we left and headed over to Santa Margherita Ligure. We had focaccia pizza for lunch and headed up to a church and a huge villa to see the views of the sea and santa margherita. We hung out in the garden of the villa for 15 minutes taking pictures. It was beautiful blue sky day. The rest of the day we had free. We all walked to our hotel, put on our bathing suits and headed to swim in the Mediterranean. It was warm and relaxing; I miss the beach! (however, it was not sandy, the beach was a lot of little pebbles).


IMG_6134 church ceiling in genovaIMG_6143 fountain in piazza in genova


IMG_6173 santa margherita


IMG_6202 view from villa


On Saturday we woke up and headed to Cinque Terre. It was actually raining on and off that day, but luckily I brought my rain jacket! The most memorable part of that trip was the views of the cliffs and our lunch at one city called vermazza. Our waiter was really friendly at the restaurant; not just to us either, he was walking around talking to everyone. He said to Facebook him and he wants to visit all the places where we are from. He was probably one of the best waiters I’ve had. We went to three more cities ( I didn’t go to all 5 due to being sick of walking in the rain and the other two cities were a lot smaller). Later in the day, we headed back and hung out in Santa Margherita. Saturday night my friends and I went to a restaurant we heard was good. My friend, Ye Seul and I split pizza. After we talked and had some fun swimming in the sea at night.

IMG_6229IMG_6230cinque terraeIMG_6233

IMG_6239 pesto pasta at lunch

IMG_6240 lunch/waiter at cinque terrae

IMG_6244IMG_6258 bakery at santa margherita

IMG_6259IMG_6261 dinner at santa margherita

On sunday USAC took us by boat to Portofino (all of this was included in the cost of the trip). Portofino was really nice and thankfully on Sunday it was sunny again! We walked up to a church on the hill and on our walk we could see Dolce and Gabanna’s house. The church had amazing views of portofino and santa margherita across the way. While walking we also saw a huge yacht, the largest I’ve seen: 4 levels, possibly owned by a Lady Catherine as that is what the yacht was named. After the church, we spent a couple more hours in Portofino walking around and then headed back to santa margherita. All of us were exhausted and we had checked already (our bags were held in storage at the hotel), so we just went to the beach to lie on the rocks and take a short nap.

IMG_6272 - Copy

IMG_6269 view of santa margherita from boat


IMG_6284 portofino

IMG_6289 church


IMG_6303 portofino above from castle

IMG_6305 view from castle santa margherita in the distance

IMG_6317 lady catherine yacht

We left Santa Margherita at 5:45 (20 minute delay) and got back to torino at 915.

It was a fun, relaxing, but busy weekend. It was nice to be back on the beach and swim in the sea.

Today, I had school and I went to buy a bus ticket to Oktoberfest. It’s an overnight bus and a few of my friends are doing it. I decided it would be worth it to go since I’ll be sleeping on the bus on Friday and Saturday night when we head back. We only have one day in Munich. It seems that a lot of people are going to hang out at oktoberfest for a bit and then walk around Munich. I may meet up with a friend from Cal Poly who is studying abroad there and is going as well.

ater at 5 I will have my first cuisine class! I heard the other people made gnocchi and some veggie dish, peach dessert and 2 different wines for taste pairing. So that should be fun!

Happy Monday!


IMG_6251 cinque terre


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