Weekend Adventures

Ciao Tutti!

My computer decided to die, while this post was publishing online, so this will be a little shorter than the previous version. Anyways…

On Friday, we went to a winery (the USAC group took us). We saw the vineyard, the cellear, where it’s made, and had lunch there. Everyone got at least one bottle of the wine at the gift shop afterwards, it was a good time!



IMG_6033 Vineyard with church in background


On Saturday I went to Milan with my roommate/friends and neighbors. We ended up leaving early but the Duomo was awesome. I went shopping with my friends, but besides that, there wasn’t that much to see. The first indoor mall was nice though!

We also went to a Korean Market which was fun!

IMG_6066 duomo

IMG_6073IMG_6080 view on top of duomo


IMG_6087 first mall, cool

Sunday I went hiking to the Sacra di San Michele. It was two miles uphill on Mule track on cobblestone path. We managed to go up in an hour and down in a half n hour. The tour guide only spoke italian so that was hard, but fun to try to pick out some details. After the tour we sped down the mountain to make a train back to Torino.

IMG_6097IMG_6099 view from topIMG_6101 path between houses, with sacra in the background

IMG_6104 sacra

IMG_6113 view of lady of tower


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