Ciao! I hope your weekend was fun and the week is off to a good start. This weekend I went with my roommate and neighbor to Venice. It was gorgeous. We accidently went to one train stop too far because our hotel was outside of the main part of venice, but figured it out eventually. We walked around the city and saw the main Piazza. Also, we got to see a church, but they have us a cloth wrap for our legs because our dressses were too short (although mine went down to my knees).  My neighbor, Ye Seul, talked me into going to the top of a clock tower where one can see views of the city (360 degree view). It was my favorite part of it all, so I’m really happy I did that. At the hour the bells started ringing and everyone was surprised and got silent and was watching the bells since we were literally 5 feet from the bells going off. Everyone clapped after, it was  a great experience. After that we walked around a bit more and got dinner and ended up walking back to the main piazza somehow (Venice is a confusing place! ha) . We got back to our hotel, which is in a really nice quiet neighborhood outside of the city. On Sunday, we had breakfast at the hotel and made it back to venice by bus (only 10 minute ride). It was more crowded on sunday! However, we only had a few hours to explore so we split up. Ye Seul and I tried to go on a boat to Murano, an island in venice, however, the lines were too long and it would take 20 minutes just to get there and unfortunately we didn’t have time. Our train was at 3. We decided just to walk around the outside edge past the church away from all the tourists. It also didn’t help that on Sunday the main piazza was flooded so people were walking on platforms ( I just walked through the water). We got back to Turin at 8 and hung out. Yesterday I had school and my neighbor made another korean dish which was delicious. Today, I explored more of the narrow streets away from the main piazzas with a friend since I don’t have school today. We found this coffee shop called Buster’s and it’s like a Starbucks equivalent. A lot of locals were there though so I figured it would be good. It was nice because they had “normal” size of coffee. I found iced coffee with vanilla! I really enjoy going to the more authentic places, as this on was not (the menu was in english?! ) , but it was nice to get a 16 oz of iced coffee, rather than 4 oz and not have to pay for sitting down. In turin a lot of coffee places or cafes along the piazza will charge $2 to sit down. I’m making dinner tonight (risotto!) for my neighbors and roommate. We tend to make meals with each other and just switch off. Hopefully it turns out! I have to start doing some reading and homework, but have a good week! I’m heading to a winery with USAC on Friday  (family run winery and we get to pick grapes) and then Milan on Saturday.

IMG_5921 train picture of the alps in the distance

IMG_5924 hotel we  stayed at.


IMG_5948IMG_5950 the royal palace

IMG_5954 the church ahead and palace to the right

IMG_5977 Gondolas

IMG_5984 view from the tower, just one picture of many.





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