Week Adventures and School!

Happy Friday! This week was my first week of all my classes (excluding cuisine). I took an elementary italian test on Thursday and got a 98% (it was really easy). My other classes are modern architecture, 20th century art, italian culture, and italian cuisine (only meets a total of 5 times this quarter. I have to get used to taking art classes because the past 2 years I’ve been mostly taking sciences, math or a social science. I have only had each class once (except italian language), so I can’t say for sure what I like best, but so far modern architecture has the best teacher and italian cultures seems interesting. I’m excited for italian cuisine though, because the students get to go to the professors house and cook and pair wine with the meals. That doesn’t start for a couple more weeks. Anyways, besides school, USAC took us on a tour to the lingotto roof and there were awesome views of the city and the alps in the not so far distance. There was also a very small art gallery of original Monet paintings. I went to the Po River area last night with my friend Dominic and we went to this charity dinner thing, but it was mostly older, richer people there. However, on the way back to the other side of the river, I saw someone ziplining over the river onto the other side. I decided to do it too! It was pretty fun, I wouldn’t do it again because it was short ride and cost money, but I went from one side of the river to the other! After that we went dancing at this place and came back home. Today I checked out the Egyptian Museum here. It is the second largest egyptian museum behind the one in Cairo. After that, my neighbors and I went to a gelato shop that was recommended by one of the USAC people. I got café flavor and some wine flavor ( I didn’t know it would be wine flavor, when I got it). Now, I’m going to be relaxing for a bit and heading down to a friend’s apartment to have a authentic Korean dinner. There’s a group of south koreans studying abroad as well, one of them my neighbor and the other one is my neighbor’s friend. Lately, we’ve been switching off apartments to have family dinner style. One group cooks and the other brings wine and/or bread. Here’s some pictures of the week. Oh and I got my phone charger back (thanks dad! ) and I’m waking up bright and early 530 tommorow to catch a 7 am train to Venice. Have a great weekend!



009 Fiat Old Test Track

014015 Lingotto roof top and view

020 Egyptian Museum




036 Room full of statues of Egyptian Gods/Symbols (another room was filled as well! )

043045 First time seeing police on horses here.


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