Start of the week

Hey there! Just checking in to say that the end of the weekend went well. I went shopping with my roommates and hung out and had dinner with some friends at our apartment. Monday I had school and did some errands. Today, I went to school/my language class; tomorrow I finally start something new, Italian Culture! After class today, I went on a run for the first time on the Po River. It was nice because there were other runners and a lot of other people; so I wasn’t stared at, like some weird person for exercising. Also, tomorrow we are going to the Lingotto area to have a tour on the roof and see the old Fiat Factory and art museum. I’ve seen past pictures of it and it seems like it has a good view up on the top; hopefully it won’t be hazy tomorrow!  Tonight, my roommate’s friend had dinner over at her apartment. Once we came back, my roommate and neighbor were studying for our Italian language test that is on Thursday. I really like my neighbors; one of them is from South Korea and she is really cute/funny. She is learning new words and phrases from us, like tossing and turning and q-tips. It’s also fun to learn about Korean culture and she made us some Korean food last week for dinner! She actually said she wanted to go to Switzerland after our program ends, so looks like I have a travel partner! 🙂 Alright, I’ll be headin to read and bed. Hope you all are having a good week!


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