End of week/Weekend Fun

Hi! So these past few days have been very fun and jammed pack with walking, eating, and hanging out. Yesterday I had school, did some errands walking around with people and then took a bus tour. The bus tour was awesome. We went all around turin and saw where some of the olympics were held, as well as the torch that was lit. I’ll just say my favorite part of the trip was seeing San Miguel Church at the top of a hill, with our bus going around a narrow, windy road. At the end of the tour I got dropped off at this piazza with everyone and it is really close to where a lot of people go out at night. A group of us decided to stay there and not go back to get ready. We got an aperitivo, which is where you buy a drink and you get unlimited food while hanging out with some friends. After sitting there for a couple hours we walked down to where some dance clubs were, but apparently italians don’t start going out till 12-1 so we went to this outside bar that was along the Po River and hung out there for a bit. My friend, Dominique and I danced for a bit at this place called club Madrid. Dominique and I ended up running into friends along the po river and we hung out with them and decided to try to take the metro back but the last one is at 105 and we got there at 115 so we decided to take a cab. Today, I went to an open air market at Porta Palazzo and a royal palace (I forget the name) but it’s in the outskirts of downtown. My friend Dominique and I decided to go there so we took a bus. It was really pretty we were walking down to the enterance and it was exactly how I imagine italy. Walking in the streets with open cafes, gelato places, bakeries, ect and everyone is outside eating with the beautfiul weather. We paid for the garden but we also ended up getting into the palace as well. We just walked past the door people, they didn’t ask us and we didn’t even know we were going into a place we had to pay. We ended up seeing most of it and then headed back at about 7 pm or so. I got back and had dinner with my neighbors and some gelato afterwards. It was pretty hot today, so none of us wanted to go to the Po area tonight. All in all, good weekend so far. tommorow to come!



006 olympics area

009 torch



014 “gates of hell “

017 po river, view from bus tour

018 San Miguel Church

025 Group

032 Aperitivo

033 Dominique and I

037 Hanging out till some Italians came out

039 Piazza with some model

040 Royal Palace

045 Open air market


048 walking area to the royal palace (diff. from above)


057 fountains..we went in the middle of it, as other people were doing. After a few minutes we heard whistling and apparently the security guard was whistling at us as a warning to not stand in the middle.. this is the fountains at this palace

067 Garden..one of the many huge gardens with pools, ect.

068 back view of palace (front view above)


078 Hall in the palace

079 = american tourist


083 another garden

085 came back from palace and neighbors and friends eating some spaghetti.


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