Ciao! Today was the first day of classes and elementary italian. I went to this place called Saturn to get internet for the next three months, so that’s why I haven’t posted lately. the guy there was really helpful and funny; he was using google translate but I was able to talk to him in broken Italian.  I’ve been getting settled into my apartment. Some people have chandeliers in their apartment, mine is not quite as nice. The first night I just stayed at the hotel with a girl and USAC gave us a walking tour to the different piazzas by downtown. We are doing a bus tour in downtown tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to explore downtown more after since I live by the school rather than downtown. I knew this coming in, but all the portions are a lot smaller and the coffee, is more just an espresso shot. However my apartment came with a french press so I’ll be making coffee in the morning to save money. I’ve been eating some pizza and gelato but my neighbor made us some Korean food because she is from south korea; it was really good and different! Also, there is this place called Eataly that I went to today and it was the best grocery store I’ve ever been to. Better than whole foods, ect. I also decided to audit elemenary italian II for the next half of the semester because I want to get better at speaking and writing in Italian. WE did orientation all day yesterday and they told we are going to a winery and a family is showing us how they make the wine and we’ll be able to make wine and try the wine they make. We are also going to a castle and the Italian riviera. I went to a culture shock presentation today and they said culture shock comes in a few stages and I think I am in the honeymoon stage right now. I’ll also be going to Oktoberfest hopefully with a friend and a few other people from USAC. Also  in my classes there are British, Spanish, Portugesse people taking our classes as well! Sorry this post is a little scatter-brain, but so much has happened that I can’t summarize it all.

001 Frankfurt from the plane

003view of alps from pain


beautiful builings in the palace


Royal Palace and some people from USAC group.


010011 breakfast at the hotel!


012013 my apartment.


Eataly on the left

018019020021022 Korean food prepared by neighbors in the apartment.


One thought on “Italy!

  1. Lorin – Your blog is so cool! We’re so happy for you. I hope you stay in the honeymoon stage for a long time. Call us, e-mail whenever you want. Love, Mom

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